Kolukkumalai and Meesapulimala Trek

Since the Christmas (long weekend) was around the corner, plan started prior to 15 days. After searching for some places, we decided to go to Kolukkumalai. We got a blog regarding the trek along with writer’s contact number. He was planning to do the same trek on the same weekend as ours and that’s how preparation for the trek started 🙂

On 22nd Dec, we started from B’lore to Theni in Tamilnadu public transport. We reached Theni next day morning and took bus to Bodi. After reaching Bodi, took a room and got freshen up and had breakfast in the hotel next to the Bodi bus stand.

Since we were waiting for people from Chennai to join us, it got late so we decided not to wait for the bus to go to Kurangini and took an auto. The scenery was beautiful and breathtaking throughout the journey from Bodi to Kurangini.


It was 11.30am, when we took permission from forest dept. and started our trek. Once you go for about 500m, you get a small stream. Instead of going straight in the main trail, you have to climb next to that stream (we missed it and went ahead for about 300m). For the first half, the hiking was quite steep and tiring in an open grassland with not much shade. After taking many breaks, we reached Ottumara at 3pm and had packed lunch that we had carried with us. We started again at 4pm, when the fog started forming, and we decided not to take break and reach the tea estate ASAP. Fortunately, the remaining trail was amidst the forest having 40 to 45 hairpin bends and few water streams. We finally reached Kolukkumalai camp at 6.30pm.

Once we reached Kolukkumalai tea estate, we were awestruck by the view of tea estate and we totally knew for it was worth climbing! Hot tea and Bajjis served in camp was the perfect combination for the chilled weather. We spent night in the camp with bonfire, followed by scrumptious dinner and we were off for the day.

On 24th Dec morning, we woke up at 5.30 after snoozing alarm for like half an hour, got freshen up and went to sunrise point, which is hardly 200m away from the camp. We were eagerly waiting for sunrise, to stop ourselves from shivering.

We waited for about 30mins, when we saw clouds started forming like thick layers of blanket and golden light started emerging in the most beautiful way. I had barely expected this and truly an unexpected moments turn to be the best! it was indeed blessed moment for me to watch the Sunrise.


After witnessing the surreal sunrise, we came back to the camp, packed our backpacks and asked camp owner to keep our stuffs in one room. Once the breakfast is done, we started towards Meesapulimala (please note, this is not the legal route, though people take this route to reach Meesapulimala peak). The hiking was steep, via tea estates followed by open grassland.

Below is the trail, which we took to reach Meesapulimala. Throughout the trek, we were literally on cloud nine 🙂


We reached the peak, at the same time guard came and asked us to leave, so I could not take the photo from the peak 😦

We came back to the camp, had lunch and planned to experience jeep ride to Bodi via Suryanelli (if you do not want to take a jeep ride, then you can descend on the same route which has taken the previous day). We reached Bodi at 5pm and booked a return ticket to B’lore via Tamilnadu public transport.

This was 2 days trek to Kolukkumalai and Meesapulimala J and the trek is worth doing once in a lifetime!


B’lore to Theni – 470rs (booked by SETC)

Theni to Bodi – 10rs

Room charge – 125rs pp, we just took one room to get freshen up

Bodi to Kurangini auto charge – Bargain with auto drivers. It was 200 for four persons, 50rs pp

Forest dept. charge – 100rs pp (yes that is what we paid)

Kolukkumalai tea estate – 1500rs pp with tent, breakfast, lunch and dinner

1000rs pp, if you are planning to carry your own tent then

Jeep ride – 2000 for the jeep, we were 9 people so almost 250rs pp

Bodi to B’lore – 480rs pp

Total expense: 3K

In case you are planning to do the trek, below is the contact number of Kolukkumalai tea estate,

Bhaskar – +919495820458

Hope this blog helps to plan your next trek! Cya, Happy hiking! 🙂

P.S: All photos attached in the blog are clicked by me.